Except When They Are Red


  1. There are a set of four traffic lights along Southbank Boulevarde (500 metres) and I have driven along there hundreds of times, and I have never been able to get four green lights in a row. I feel your pain.

  2. Driving down Whitehorse rd in Box Hill, if I get stopped at the corner of Nelson rd, I will get stopped at Elgar Rd too. You just sit there and watch the green light 300m away with no one going through it, knowing that as soon as you can move it will go red. TORTURE

  3. How to make it home without stopping at a red light: when lights turn yellow, apply the brakes and creep ever so slowly toward the intersection. If you're lucky, and you have the distance, by the time you reach the intersection the lights will turn green!

    Technically, you never had to stop once. It's ever so satisfying.

    Of course, it's best not to do this in heavy traffic because other drivers get confused and angry easily. I'm just misunderstood in my time, really.